Cricketers and their favourite Football Clubs


Cricketers and their favourite Football Clubs

Football might not strike you as much as Cricket does. Of course, football has always been second to cricket in the cricket playing nations. But yes, football has been gaining some momentum in the country which considers cricket not less than a religion.

Several cricketers have also expressed their passion for football, including Chris Gayle and MS Dhoni. Fans are also passionate about the game and loves to follow their star cricketers.

Now let’s check out the favourite Football Clubs of some top star cricketers :

12.) Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle

West Indies aggressive opener Chris Gayle is a big supporter of Manchester United. In fact, many times in the past, the swashbuckling cricketer had informed that football was his first choice of sport before he realised that he was better in cricket.

11.) Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is a huge fan of Real Madrid Football Club. He has expressed his love towards the team through his tweets on social media.