BCCI to appeal ICC to reduce the number of days in test cricket to 3


BCCI to appeal ICC

12 Dec, 2015 New Delhi, India. After IND vs SA Series (Gandhi-Mandela Test Series 2015), reports are coming that BCCI is planning to formally file an appeal to the International Cricket Council to limit the number of days in a test cricket to 3 instead of 5.

A BCCI official during the interview with our correspondent explains “As we all know, test cricket is the longest form of this sport. In the time of T20, tests matches are making things too slow. We are thinking of speeding things up in this respect. Lately we have also observed that 90% of the test matches end up by day 3. Even the cricketers make plans for the 4th and 5th day beforehand to spend time with their family or some sort of vacation.

While it is not confirmed when BCCI is going to submit their official appeal report to ICC, but according to the sources they want the process to start as soon as possible. As the BCCI official says “We want this change to be out quickly and we look forward to ICC for their inputs. Hopefully they all should agree. Cricket is changing, its nothing new.

BCCI looks confident about their appeal as BCCI official further explains “In the past, we had 60 over ODI matches and then to speed up things and bring some change, we introduced 50 over cricket. People seemed to like it and as the result of it, you can see we now have 20 over matches and cricket fans love them.

Do you know why we don’t have Test World Cup? We have ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup, but not Test World Cup. Its because its too slow. We are aiming it to make it a bit quick so it could be at certain level where we can start talking about organizing a Test World Cup” says the BCCI official.

We interviewed some cricketers regarding this appeal and upcoming changes it may have if approved. Most of them welcome this step taken up by BCCI. Below are some interview highlights.

Virat Kohli:

virat-kohliReporter:Virat, what do you have to say about this appeal by BCCI, do you think it’s good?
Virat:Ya certainly. I will get more time off the field and be more social.

Virat’s WhatsApp Notification…

Message from Anushka
Buddy, suggest them to plan post match parties for last 2 days where players can bring their GFs and wives.

Virat:Also we (I & Anushka) were thinking, BCCI may suggest ICC to plan some post match parties for those 2 days.

Navjot Singh Sidhu:
navjot-singh-sidhuSidhu:Guru.. (lol & bangs on table) …. aajkal to waise bhi mini-skirt ka jamana hai. Test match, jo itne boring se hote hai, unko bhi tho hot hone ka hak hai“.

A Bangladesh cricket player on condition of being anonymous said “It’s good as long as it doesn’t affect our match fees.

Pakistan cricket player (anonymous):
Reporter:Do you think, PCB will be in favor of this decision?

Player (still anonymous):We don’t care, do anything. But, please allow us to participate in IPL ( $$ cash rich IPL $$).

However, many cricket fans and business houses are not in favor of this step by the BCCI. Cricket fans argued that watching 5 day cricket match is much better than watching “Saans bhi kabhi bahu thi” with their wife taking control of the TV remote.

The only time I get to hold the TV remote is when there is some kind of match going on. Else I have to sit with the my wife and watch all Ekta Kapoor’s torture” says one frustrated husband and huge cricket fan. Companies and TV channels are more worried about loosing money. “We pay a lot to sponsor and advertise all these kinds of cricket events. As if the Indian team and rain was not enough to kill 4th and 5th day earning for us, BCCI now comes out with this new plan” says a company manager.

With all sorts of fuss going on around, it would be exciting to see how ICC reacts to this BCCI appeal. We really hope the whatever happens, the spirit of the game stays alive and cricket fans enjoy it more and more.


Disclaimer: Content of this post is a work of fiction just for entertainment. Readers are advised not to confuse this as being genuine and true.