ICC to introduce Pink color bat, stumps and pads to attract more female fans


ICC to introduce Pink color bat, stumps and pads to attract more female fans

15 Dec, 2015. New Delhi, India. After having a great success with the Pink ball at the Adelaide Oval ground in a first ever day-night Test match, ICC to introduce Pink color bat, stumps and pads. As we all know, ICC along with BCCI and other Cricket boards is trying to spice up test cricket to attract more audience and this includes BCCI recent appeal to ICC to reduce the number of days in test cricket from 5 to 3.

Now ICC is focusing on attracting more female fans. “If we can somehow spice things up and get the attention of females, its would be a huge win for us.” says ICC chairman Shashank Manohar. He added “We are really concerned with the decline in the audience for Test Cricket. We really appreciate the steps BCCI and other boards are taking to improve things, but I guess we need to innovate more. Introduction of day-night format test cricket is very well received by the cricket fans. We just need to keep the momentum going.

day-night test cricketAs we know, first day-night test match was played at Adelaide Oval between Australia and New Zealand on November 27 and surely it received the hype and media attention that ICC was expecting from it. With its success, ICC is encouraging Cricket boards to schedule more day-night test matches.

It is not just the introduction of day-night test matches, it is also the introduction of “Pink balls” in cricket. “It was not easy, it took six years of work and countless tweaks to finally get the pink ball. It was surely a historic day as in 138 years, it was the first time a Test match was played with a ball that was not red. Also for the first time in 138 years, a Test match was played at night.” says ICC President Zaheer Abbas.

pink ballAfter the test match, we did a survey to get some feedback from the audience and cricket fans. The results of the survey were bit surprising. It was not the day-night test cricket that attracted the female fans, but it was the pink ball which did the trick. According to the female fans, test cricket to them was a slow, dull, black & white kind of cricket format. But with the pink ball, they found it more colorful and they enjoyed it.” tells us ICC chairman Shashank Manohar.

As the President of ICC, I am committed to cricket and cricket fans. Our most important goal is to increase the popularity of the game, reach out to different countries and different sections of the society. We are happy that with these small change (pink ball), we could make a great impact and attracted more female fans. Its really good for cricket and its future. To live to the expectations of our female fans, we will be introducing pink color bats, stumps and pads to test cricket. Hope female fans will welcome our move.” says Zaheer Abbas.

ICC didn’t respond as to when and how these changes would come into effect, but they are pretty determined that this would also get things going for test cricket and help in its revival.

pink batWe are still working with our team to finalize exactly which shade of pink color do the female fans love the most. Its difficult because men see pink as pink, but thats not the case with our female fans. They can clearly distinguish between Deep pink, Rose pink, Lavender pink, Shocking pink, Salmon pink, Carnation pink etc for a mile distance. So right now, we have a dedicated team which is working hard day and night collecting and analyzing the data so we can come up with the correct shade on Pink color for these new cricket equipments. We don’t want to hurry up and do it wrong, for us trust of our female fans is important” says Shashank Manohar.

The female fans are really excited about this move by ICC. “We love Pink, it is a color of joy and bringing it to test cricket would make things so cheerful and colorful like IPL.” says one of the female fan.

But the male fans are not at all moved by this more. “Seriously, are you kidding me, Pink bat, stumps and pad!!” says one puzzled male fan.

Still ICC has a lot of ground to cover to finally get things into play, but it would be interesting to see how does the cricket player community react to this. Change is good, and we all hope ICC is on the right track with this one, but we will need to wait and watch.

Disclaimer: Content of this post is a work of fiction just for entertainment. Readers are advised not to confuse this as being genuine and true.