What do the logo of respective IPL team represent?


IPL teams logo

Logos represent the organization, they are the brand ambassadors who play an important role in brand recognition of an organization. For IPL teams, there is no exception! Their logos represent their strategy, ambition, style of play and their culture.

Let us look at the logos of different IPL teams and what each logo represent about its team :

8. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The logo represents the circle engraved with ‘Royal Challengers Bangalore’ around the circle. The golden colored lion is being put above the circle. On the whole, the logo represents the brand “Royal Challenge”.

7. Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils

Even though, they are trophy less since 8 seasons, their kite-like logo has represented their team with lofty ambitions in the tournament. Their logo represents a flying kite, which is a famous thing for Delhites, showing their passion and adversity towards their game.
Every team player represents the kite: forward movement, energy, speed and accuracy. The slogan of their logo is “sky is the limit”.