India is playing too much T20 Cricket says Ian Botham


India is playing too much T20 Cricket : Ian Botham

Former English cricket legend Sir Ian Botham expressed his disappointment towards India for concentrating too much on playing T20 cricket, which in turn reduced the quality of the team playing in other formats of the game.

It has been a busy start since 2016 for both Indian cricketers and fans, as they were pre-occupied with back to back T20 tournaments like Asia cup, World T20 and IPL. But Sir Botham was disappointed with this busy schedule, saying that too much of T20 cricket will make people get bored and also will lessen the quality in other formats.

captains with IPL 2016 trophy

Ian Botham feels that since the evolution and transformation of T20s in India, the quality of Test cricket has gone down. This might be one of the reason, which reduced the quality of excitement between India-England series.

“Where is India going in Test cricket? Why is it happening to the team? Is it saturation of Twenty20? India needs to figure out.”
Despite India stands 3rd in the Test rankings, Botham is still unconvinced about the current state of the team.

Ian Botham

“Look I don’t understand rankings; England, South Africa and Australia are playing the best Test cricket to my mind.”
“Australia has an established Big Bash; it’s pretty well fitted in the calendar. England is also alright with a proper set up. Look you can have Twenty20 matches but it cannot be week in and week out. People get bored of it,” he said.

Now that England are touring India this November-December,Botham is hoping that there will be a quality test cricket that will be played between the two teams.