READ : What made Kings XI Punjab’s owner Preity Zinta angry on the cricket field ?


preity zinta angry

It was a thrilling encounter between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab played at Mohali, where the home team lost by a close margin of 1 run.

Bollywood Actress and Kings XI Punjab owner Preity Zinta was there to support her team at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium. We have previously seen Preity cheering for her team and boosting the confidence of her team players during IPL matches.

preity zinta

Its always a joy among fans during Kings XI Punjab matches as the Bollywood Actress is there at the stadium to distribute T-shirts and other gifts.

But it was not a great day for Preity Zinta during an IPL match this season, since when she headed to distribute team’s promotional T-Shirts, one of her fan made her angry. The fan was approaching the space between the boundary line of cricket field and stadium again and again because of which Preity lost her temper. She scolded the person after pointing out at him for his attitude.

Being a proud owner, Preity Zinta has been in support of her team, no matter if the team is facing hard-luck in any of the matches and also gets full support from her fans as well.