READ : Why cricket fans might be bored of IPL 2016 ?


Why fans are bored of IPL

Cricket in India is next to religion and players here are treated next to GOD. Indians can never get bored of cricket but with Indian team’s recent cricket schedule, people might no longer find IPL that interesting.

Overdose of anything kills interest and the cricket in India is going through a similar phase. The country witnessed heroics of Virat, Rohit, MS Dhoni and others with their 3-0 whitewash at the Kangaroo land.

After the overseas tour, Indian team with the class of Ashwin and Dhawan, supported by the teammates sent Sri Lankans packing home in a bilateral T20 series played in India with a 2-1 win.

How can Indian team let their dominance fall below the level they have maintained ?
The No.1 Asian squad proved it right by defeating each and every opponent during Asia Cup T20 series played at Bangladesh.

Team India Asia Cup 2016 celebration

Next up was the big stage of WT20 2016. Stakes were high and the team had lots of ups and downs until Team India faced the ICC ODI 2015 Champions Australia.Virat – the future of Indian Cricket proved his nerves of steel with one of the best T20 innings ever demolishing the Aussie attack. Unfortunately, his wonderful innings in Semis could not help and eventually the favorites-host lost out to eventual Champions- the Windies.

With some scintillating cricket action in the first quarter of the year, the fans didn’t find this IPL gloomy and entertaining as they had witnessed the T20 Internationals recently. Also, defragmentation of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals leading to players being split didn’t help much and those Chennai or Rajasthan fans were left with players to support for. On top of this, the IPL stars like Gayle, Maxwell, MSD, Miller, Baz are yet to show some fire.

IPL is not left with much of an entertainment and with each team winning and losing equally, the fans have not much left to cherish for. Viewers have no choice but to keep their TV on mute than to listen to over-excited Morrison on Sony Six and out of the box Sidhu Paaji commenting everything but cricket.

Let’s hope for some turn around in the remaining matches and people getting back to this entertaining part of cricket.