Mayanti is everything for me – Stuart Binny


Mayanti is everything for me - Stuart Binny

Indian all-rounder Stuart Binny in a recent interview said that his wife Mayanti Langer is everything for him.

“She has been everything to me. We don’t talk a lot of cricket technically. You need someone when you play international cricket, you have more bad days than good days. She has been that person for me,” he said.

“Yes, I have a father who has played Test cricket, but when you get married, your life tends to go to a different direction. She has brought me through where I am now. We both work, I get when she has a bad day. It’s a balance. We both struck that balance pretty well. She does not have excellent days all her life. I need to be there for her and like-wise she repaid it back. Results are everything and you need to share your success with your partner,” he added.

Stuart Binny with his wife

Binny married to sports journalist Mayanti in September 2012.