Cricketers and their resemblance with Pokemon characters


Cricketers and their resemblance with Pokemon characters

Cricket stars resemblance with Pokemon characters? Isn’t that sounds interesting !

Pokemon Go has spread all over the world by storm and so here we are coming up with some interesting cricketers and their resemblance with Pokemons.

Here we go !

11.) Virat Kohli as Charizard

Virat Kohli | Charizard

Aggression and dominance against your opposition, both the qualities are present in Indian Test Captain and our hero Charizard.

10.) Inzamam-ul-Haq as Snorlax

Inzamam-Ul-Haq | Snorlax

Inzamam was one of the slowest and laziest cricketer as known to us, Snorlax is also lazy and is always snoring.

9.) Chris Gayle as Machamp

Chris Gayle | Machamp

When Chris Gayle is on the field his motto is quite clear, just stand and deliver which resembles pokemon character Machamp who also relies on his muscular power.