REVEALED ! During younger days, MS Dhoni used to play ‘ghost pranks’ with unsuspecting motorists


REVEALED ! During younger days, MS Dhoni used to play 'ghost pranks' with unsuspecting motorists

The director of the movie ‘M.S.Dhoni : The Untold Story’, Neeraj Pandey reveals an interesting story of MS Dhoni‘s younger days. He revealed the prankster hidden behind the calm and composed cricketer we see today.

The director revealed an interesting story about Dhoni he picked up while shooting at the railway quarters near the Kharagpur railway station. He narrated how Dhoni along with his roommates at the railway quarters used to play ghost pranks with unsuspecting motorists during night hours.

MS Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput and Neeraj Pandey

“The tallest of them, wrapped up in a white sheet, would stand under a lamp post waiting for someone to come along the road. The driver would brake to a sudden halt on seeing the ‘ghost’ who would then run towards the car, causing him to desperately press down on the accelerator as he attempted to flee,” Pandey said.

“As they watched the tyres screech and the car skid, Dhoni and his roommates would guffaw in the shadows, later patting the ‘ghost’ for a job well done”, he added.

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The movie based on Indian captain’s life is set to release on 30th September 2016 and we may know all other unknown hidden truths of the star cricketer thereafter.