The director of the movie ‘M.S. Dhoni : The Untold Story’ is not a Dhoni fan



India’s most successful captain, MS Dhoni has fans not only in India but also in other cricket playing nations as well. But, the director of his biopic, Neeraj Pandey made a surprising admission that he is not a die-hard Dhoni fan.

Neeraj revealed that although he likes cricket and Dhoni as a player, he has never been his fan as such.

Speaking to the Indian Express, Neeraj said “I am not a fan of Dhoni. I like AB De Villiers and Sachin Tendulkar. Dhoni also knows that I am not his fan. To put things in perspective, had I been a fan of Dhoni, I wouldn’t have been able to direct the movie in an unbiased fashion. Because I am not a fan, I could remain objective.”


Pandey was also quoted saying, why he chose Sushant Singh Rajput to play the part in ‘M.S.Dhoni : The Untold Story’.

“Sushant was always my first choice. He comes from the same place as that of Dhoni. So he understands the dialect well. He is a keen observer of the game of cricket and above all, he is a brilliant actor”, the director added.