Virender Sehwag and Piers Morgan continue their Twitter battle after India wins Kabaddi World Cup 2016



The Twitter battle between Virender SehwagPiers Morgan as of now, seems to never lie down.

On Saturday, as India defeated Iran in the final of Kabaddi World Cup 2016 to lift the trophy, the former aggressive opening batsman fired another shot at the British journalist.

Viru took a dig at Morgan once again and tweeted: “India invented Kabaddi & r World Champs for 8th time. Elsewhere some country invented Cricket & r yet only good in correcting typos.”

Although Viru did not take Morgan’s name but one could easily understand his inclusion of ‘typos’, which is a clear reference to Morgan’s earlier tweet about Kabaddi.

But this time Morgan also did not took the things lying down. “Mate, we invented Darts & Curling but I wouldn’t boast about being ‘World Champions’ at them,” he replied.

He further tweeted:

The heated exchange of words between the two started on the day when Sehwag mocked England by taking a dig at their loss against India in the Kabaddi World Cup.

Morgan retaliated by correcting Sehwag’s English.

Morgan and Sehwag’s twitter battle originally started when the former made fun of India’s celebration of its medal turnover in the Olympics Games 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.