Virender Sehwag reveals hilarious details about Gautam Gambhir



Former Indian opening batsman Virender Sehwag, who is nowadays hitting sixes in the commentary box with his pun-liner, on Thursday, revealed some hilarious details about his former teammate Gautam Gambhir.

On day 2 of the first Test being played between India and England at Rajkot, Sehwag disclosed some details about his association with Gambhir, when the duo used to open for India in Test cricket.

Sehwag said that Gambhir is an extremely religious person and superstitious and they used to sing a spiritual song when batting together.

Recalling an incident to highlight Gambhir’s over-superstition, Sehwag said that the Delhi boy made him eat the same food for days on an overseas series after he had scored in 90s eating that food. “Main pakk gaya (I got tired of eating the same dinner),” recalled Sehwag.

“Gambhir is extremely superstitious and indulges more in ‘pooja-paat’ (rituals and worshiping),” he added.