History of Betting in Cricket



Cricket is one of the oldest and most popular team sports in many countries including England, Australia, India, West Indies etc. Originated in England around the 1500s, the game went along for the ride as the British Empire expanded. In the 18th century it was the national sport of England and it continued to grow and evolve in the 20th century. With the introduction of new formats and tournaments like Twenty20 and Indian Premier League, cricket has become really popular all over the world, with billions of fans and followers. But as its popularity grew overtime time, betting on the game also thrived.

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To track the history of betting on cricket, its been said that around 1600s, cricket had become a well-organized and popular sport on which to bet. The first incident of spot-fixing was reported in 1873 when a cricketer was suspended for throwing away matches. It happened in June 1873 in match between Yorkshire and Surrey. Yorkshire won the match at Bramall Lane, Sheffield, by eight wickets, and Surrey’s wicket-keeper Ted Pooley, who had scored 10 and a duck and taken one catch in the match, was found guilty of betting on the game and was not allowed to play for the rest of the season. According to Pooley, he did gamble on the match, but the bets had been minor. “I took one bet of five shillings to half a crown (two to one) that five Yorkshire players did not get 70 runs.”

Types of Cricket Betting:

Match result: The most straightforward bet for cricket games. You can wager on either of the teams winning or the draw.

High bat: Pick the highest-scoring batsman in a particular innings or match.

Most wickets: Bet on which bowler will take the highest number of wickets in an innings, match or series.

Series/tournament result: Bet on which team will win a head-to-head series or tournament well in advance of the event.

Coin toss: You can bet on which captain will win the toss before the start of play.

Highest opening partnership: Which openers will get their team off to the best start, numerically at least?

Method of first dismissal: Will the first wicket fall caught, bowled, caught behind, leg before wicket, run out, stumped or in some other way?

Live betting on cricket: In-the-run betting is enormously popular on cricket, with all sorts or permutations available.

Betting platforms: offline vs online

Initially cricket betting was done through offline bookmakers at a local bar or over phone calls. But with the support of technology, online betting is really taking off. Online betting platforms like William Hill cricket betting page made the transition from offline to online cricket betting betting really simple and smooth.

William Hill cricket betting page

With variety of cricket betting and professional assistance right from the start, the platform is among the top. It is best to learn the techniques with small bets, starting slowly, to prolong the thrill of cricket betting and ensure to have a successful, profitable adventure in the online cricket world.

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