WATCH : Virat Kohli have fun on the field and commentators burst into laughter


On Day 5 of the first Test match against England, Indian skipper Virat Kohli faced a delivery which bounced viciously off a good length. He looked bamboozled at the amount of bounce the ball got and found it funny.

Kohli was quick to look at the square leg umpire to indicate that it was one bouncer for the over. The English players around the bat had a laugh about it and so did Kohli.

The commentators also saw the funny side of it and burst into laughter.

Nasser Hussain said, “Just shows how clear his (Virat Kohli’s) mind is when batting. It goes past his shoulder and immediately he says it must be one for the over, with the laugh. And the umpire gave it.”

“Lovely, lovely. Virat Kohli immediately looks at the square leg,” said Michael Atherton.

“He (Virat Kohli) can see the funny side. That’s great. Especially when there’s so much pressure,” Ravi Shastri said.