When Indian spinner bowled only 5 balls in an over and went unnoticed



In the ongoing second Test match between India and England at Visakhapatnam, on day 4, Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin bowled only 5 balls in an over during England’s second innings.

When England was at 70/0 in the 47th over, Ashwin bowled 5 balls in that over before the umpire called it an ‘over’. At this instant, neither did the English batsmen take notice of it nor did the Indian team realise about it. Both the on-field umpires also missed the trick and their calculation.


In the 47th over, the first ball yielded two runs for the English team in the form of leg byes. The next ball was defended by Alastair Cook. The third delivery of the over had an awkward bounce that saw Cook take a blow on his thigh pads.

The fourth ball hit Cook on his pads and the Indian team took DRS after Ashwin being convinced for a wicket. But the review went unsuccessful for the home team.

The 5th ball was driven to short cover by Cook for a single. This is how the the 47th over ended with just 5 balls being bowled.