British tabloid alleges Virat Kohli of ball tampering during the first Test against England; Fans shows their anger



British tabloid Daily Mail has alleged that Indian Test skipper Virat Kohli of ball tampering during the first Test match against England, which was played at Rajkot.

They have produced inconclusive evidence to show that Kohli used the residue of a sweet in his mouth to shine the ball. They have claimed that Kohli put his hands deep in his mouth, and then shined one side of the ball, thereby breaking the law.

“The 28-year-old rubbed inside of his mouth shortly before rubbing the ball with residue from a sweetener.”

The claims appear to be very far-fetched as the images do not indicate anything conclusive.

However, these allegations by British tabloid seem to have backfired as the fans in England were seen urging the tabloid to maintain their focus on the third Test that is scheduled to take place in Mohali from 26th November.

Here are some of the fans’ comments over these false claims