Virat Kohli’s ball-tampering allegation nullified by ICC clause



Allegations of ball tampering levelled against Indian Test captain Virat Kohli by the British tabloid do not hold much ground as per the specific clauses in the International Cricket Council- ICC’s Rules and Regulations, about playing conditions.

Yesterday, the tabloid accused that some footages indicated that Kohli appeared to shine the ball using residue from a sweet during the first Test against England.

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ICC has confirmed that no inquiry into the incident can take place because the five-day window for the process to begin has long passed.

As per the ICC regulations on ball tampering, if a team wants to lodge a complaint about ball tampering by a rival team or its player; it has to be done within five days of the completion of the Test match.

It should be noted that the first Test ended on November 13 and if Alastair Cook-led side had any complaints, they needed to make it official by November 18.