Suresh Raina answers questions from fans on Twitter


Suresh Raina

Left-handed batsman Suresh Raina, who is trying his level best to make a comeback in the Indian team, took to social media on Wednesday evening to do an “AskRaina” Twitter style.

Raina answered a variety of questions from fans, including his favourite left handed batsman, one word about former skipper MS Dhoni and a lot more.

Suresh Raina with MS Dhoni

Here are some of the fans questions answered by Suresh Raina on Twitter:

Q1) What is your favourite moment with your daughter?
A1) Every time she smiles or giggles

Q2) Who is your favourite left handed batsman?
A2) Saurav Ganguly

Q3) One word about Mr. Cool- MS Dhoni
A3) Born Leader

Q4) Sir one word about your fans?
A4) My Support System

Q5) What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t a cricketer?
A5) Singer

Suresh Raina as singer

Q6) Sir who is your favourite women cricketer?
A6) Deepti Sharma & Mithali Raj

Q7) Dravid or Sachin..
A7) Legends can’t be chosen! Both

Q8) How u feel when our Dhoni Standing in Non-striker with you for first time also how’s ur expression?
A8) Exciting and energising

Q9) Which has been your favourite moment with Sachin Tendulkar Sir?
A9) When I got an award from him at MIG for best batsman of time shield trophy

Q10) One word for our Indian Cricket Team?
A10) Family!

Q11) Best moments in Indian team
A11) Winning world cup 2011

Q12) Sir which is your favourite ground in India?
A12) Dharamsala and Chennai

Q13) Tell me about Gracia
A13) My world and my bundle of joy

Suresh Raina with daughter

Q14) Tell few words about parents
A14) They are my inspiration and their blessings always keep me going!

Q15) What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from cricket?
A15) Staying focused, hard work, dealing with pressure and enjoying the team work!

Q16) Few words about Prabhas?
A16) Brilliant actor!

Q17) How’s your training going at the moment and who is your favourite fielder?
A17) Going really well. My job is to keep working hard! Jonty Rhodes