Here’s how much the bat of Virat Kohli costs


The whopping cost of Virat Kohli bat

The captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, is one of the best batsmen in the world right now and is currently the King of limited overs format.

Right now Kohli is India’s most marketable sportsman and whatever he says or does is closely monitored by the cricketing media and fans alike.

The willow that he uses to score magnificent centuries is a major source of discussion within the cricketing community.

According to Cricwizz reports, the bat that the right-hander uses is a Grade A English Willow with a curved blade. A single unit costs somewhere around Rs. 20,000.


The cost is directly proportional to the number of grains or the lines on the surface of willow. These lines help in pointing out the age of the bat. Therefore, more the number of grains on the blade, stronger is the stroke from the willow. Usually, the number of grains on the bat is within the range of 6-12 but Kohli uses a willow of the order of 8-12. Hence, the price of one bat of Virat Kohli is within the range of 17000-23000 Indian rupees.