The reason behind 3 stars on Indian cricket team jersey will make you go WOW!


Indian Cricket team Jersey

There are three stars embroidered on the Indian team’s ODI jersey, if you haven’t seen them, watch it in the picture below.

Team India star jersey

Now that you have seen the three stars, do you know the significance of these stars.

So here is the answer.

The three stars embroidered on Indian team’s jersey is a symbol of India’s three glorious victories in three different World Cups. The three stars reflect India’s ODI World Cup victory in 1983, the 2007 World T20 win and the ODI World Cup 2011 victory respectively.

Team india oppo jersey

Also, Indian skipper Virat Kohli spoke about wearing the blue jersey. He had said, “I know there’s a billion-plus hope always riding on our team. That’s why I try to play with responsibility and with respect to the team’s needs. The pressure’s always on, so my focus has to be too.”

“I feel really proud – for me the Three Stars on the jersey represents what the Indian team is today and how much they have achieved. I feel really honoured to be a part of a team that has won three World Cups,” Kohli added.