READ: The interesting stories behind the unusual jersey numbers of these 10 cricketers


Hardik-Pandya-Morne-Morkel-jersey numbers

Jersey numbers do not have a bearing in cricket, but it still generates a lot of interest amongst the fans. Cricketers over the years have spotted many unusual numbers on their jerseys. They associate those numbers with their personal beliefs and likings. Few cricketers love to keep changing their jersey numbers while a few prefer not to have any on their back.

Here’s a list of 10 cricketers who had some weird yet interesting jersey numbers:

1.) Ashwell Prince (5+0)

Ashwell Prince – 5+0

Prince wore jersey number 5+0 to pay homage and respect to the late Hansie Cronje, one of South Africa’s ex-captains, who passed away in a helicopter crash. Cronje used to wear the number 5 jersey while playing for South Africa.

2.) Hardik Pandya (228)

Hardik Pandya Jersey 228

In an Under-16 game, Hardik scored 228 runs to help his side chase a total of 350 from 23/4. He considered it the stepping stone into the Indian team.