When a Bollywood actress tried to convince Rahul Dravid to marry her


Rahul-Dravid trolled by Sayali-Bhagat

Rahul Dravid got the moniker of ‘The Wall’ for his impregnable defense and sound technique. During his playing days, best of the bowlers in the world found it difficult to get past his defense and break his stumps. However, the great Indian wall was breached once, not on the cricket field though.

Years back, when Dravid had just broken on to the scene and had quickly established himself as the new poster-boy of Indian cricket, MTV’s famous TV show ‘Bakra’ did manage to pull off a prank on the shy batsman. However, the man of principles that he is, Dravid came out the eventual winner.


The prank was set around a young female journalist, who came to interview Dravid all the way from Singapore. Once the interview gets over, she tries to convince Dravid to marry her. An irritated Dravid tries to walk out but is further infuriated by the girl’s father, who begs of Dravid to marry his daughter.

Just when the cool, calm and composed Dravid is set to lose his temper, the entire team of MTV Bakra along with the host Cyrus Broacha walks into the room and reveals the prank. Dravid won many hearts when this episode of the hugely popular show was aired.

Here’s the video:

Haha, first time Rahul Dravid was going to loose his cool

Posted by Sweetpal Singh on Friday, September 15, 2017

The journalist in the video is none other than former Miss India World Sayali Bhagat, who later went on to become an actress with Bollywood movie ‘The Train’.

Sayali Bhagat